The Essential Guide to Music Entrepreneurship

David Andrew Wiebe
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At last, a simple, straightforward guide to music entrepreneurship anyone can understand...

"Really excellent book. Concise and to the point, and most importantly it focuses on what really matters: not the nitty-gritty tactical stuff that changes practically every week – but the crucial mindset and strategic thought work that’s required to succeed as an entrepreneur.

For any musician wondering what it’s going to take to make a living with their music in the modern world, this book is a tremendous all-in-one resource to answer that question for you."  – Christopher Sutton, Founder of Musical U

Getting Started in the Music Business Doesn't Need to be That Hard

  • Generate more opportunities and revenue sources

  • Learn how to think like an entrepreneur and take ownership of your career or business

  • Learn about the four key factors that form the foundation of success in music

  • Learn the key steps you can take to grow yourself and your career

  • Learn how you can apply your creative skills to building your career or business

"David knows the ins and outs of the modern musician. He’s passionate about it and has experience and he’s used it all to provide a great guide for today’s musicians. This guide is a wonderful resource for any musician with questions about the music business. From getting into the right mindset to specific revenue tactics.

Being successful on the business side doesn’t have to take away from your creative side. Each can satisfy the other and this book helps show you how." – Dayne Shuda, Country Music Life

  • The Complete PDF eBook

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    542 KB
  • Length
    81 pages
  • The Complete PDF eBook
  • Size542 KB
  • Length81 pages
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The Essential Guide to Music Entrepreneurship

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