How to Record, Promote & Sell Your New Music Release – Single, EP, or Album

David Andrew Wiebe
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So, you’ve decided to record a new single, EP, or album. Do you know how to navigate the journey ahead?

Recording, promoting, and selling your new release is no simple matter, and many complications can arise on that journey.

But if you fear failure, you’ll never get started. Making your dream a reality might seem scary, but if you never take the steps necessary to get your project off the ground, you’ll die with your best music still in you.

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • Why would I want to record and publish music in the first place?
  • How much does it cost to record?
  • What steps do I need to take record and publish a new release?
  • How long does it take to record and release a single, EP, or album?
  • Is it worth making demo recordings before going into the studio?
  • How do I choose which songs to record?
  • What should I expect when I begin recording in the studio?
  • How much does it cost to hire session musicians, and is it worth it?
  • How do I craft an effective brand as an artist?
  • What should my album artwork look like?
  • What is the mixing and mastering process like, and how involved should I be as an artist?
  • What order should my songs go in?
  • How do I organize an effective release show?
  • How do I promote and sell the release I’ve just published?

Then you’ll find the How to Record, Promote & Sell Your New Music Release – Single, EP, or Album eBook to be a valuable resource.

Author Goemon5 shares his experience of recording his first album from start to finish – from why he decided to record, to what the outcome of his release show was. His real-life story is painstakingly documented so the reader knows exactly what to expect as they begin taking the steps towards recording, promoting, and selling their music.

Co-author David Andrew Wiebe dissects the key lessons Goemon5 learned and breaks them down into easily digestible bullet points. He also adds additional tips and insights to help the reader to take their release from idea to reality, and offers a simple, workable plan for promoting your music on an ongoing basis to generate more exposure and sales.

You’ll love this handy guide if:

  • You’re wondering how much it costs to record and release a single, EP, or album.
  • You’re not sure what your goals are for recording to begin with.
  • You’ve thought about setting up a simple home studio for recording demos, but you aren’t sure where to start.
  • You’re wondering which of your songs to record in the studio.
  • You’re not sure what to expect once you make it to the studio.
  • You’re thinking about working with session musicians, but you’re not sure how to budget or prepare for that.
  • You’re not sure how to present yourself to the world, or how your branding and album artwork should look.
  • You’re wondering what the mixing and mastering process is like, and how involved you need to be.
  • You’re not sure what order to put your songs in on your release.
  • You’re thinking about putting on a release show and want to maximize attendance.
  • You’re not sure how to promote or sell your release.

It’s time to get started – nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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How to Record, Promote & Sell Your New Music Release – Single, EP, or Album

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