The Renegade Musician: Stepping Out of the Shadow of the Old Music Career Model

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The Renegade Musician: Stepping Out of the Shadow of the Old Music Career Model

David Andrew Wiebe
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It’s not the labels that failed you. It’s the old way of thinking about music careers that has left you high and dry.

Most musicians chase the same gigs, flock to the same social networks, and exploit the same algorithms of the same streaming platforms hoping that they will be one to crack the code.

Is it any wonder you’re not achieving the success you deserve?

Here’s the reality – you can’t do what everyone else is doing and hope to achieve dramatically different results. It’s not going to happen.

If you don’t want to be like most musicians, you’ve got to separate yourself from the crowd by adopting a new approach to growing your music career.

Average sucks.

And if any part of you believes that you’re somehow going to get different results from everyone else doing the same things in the same way, you’re insane.

You’ve got to start blazing your own trail now, or you’re going to get left behind. You’ve got to start thinking for yourself.

It’s not about grinding it out, playing an endless string of dive bars, or live streaming until you’ve got a “bluescreen tan.”

Grinding and hustling leads nowhere unless intelligently executed.

Most musicians aren’t working smart. They’re just screaming into the blackhole of social media, hoping that their post stands out among millions of others. And they end up burning themselves out, frustrated and defeated.

If you’re going to work hard, you should work hard on things that lead to tangible career results. You deserve to.

A new way of growing your fan base, impacting your fans, and making money from your burning passion.

You are not like most musicians. That’s why you’re reading this.

Now it’s time to step up. Put your big boy or big girl pants on. Show them who’s boss.

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If you've seen a new possibility for yourself, don't walk away from it.

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